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"Learn to say ‘no’ without explaining yourself."

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2014 “Magical Girl” Acrylic paint, Canvas F10 17.91x20.86

exhibition work
"Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and sailor senshi"

Making video :) / Canvas art “Magical Girl”

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Turn on the app If you feel unsafe hold your finger on the screen. Once arrived to a safe location, enter your code. If your finger leaves the screen without entering the code law enforcement is notified and your location is tracked through your phone.

reblogging bc this seems really useful

This could be extremely useful!

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What movie is this 

^It’s the basketball diaries 


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you know what really fucking gets my cookies frosted sometimes??? i’ll be on the goddamn blue website scrolling along and suddenly come across a picture like this and i actually stop scrolling and go out of my way to share a picture of a man with a sly grin holding a fucking pineapple with a bunch of people who choose to look at what i put on my blog. people expect this from me. i hold the power to grace a plethora of people’s eyes with this picture. almost 20 thousand other people have looked at this and subconsciously decided that this represents the type of image that they want to share with others with no context. look at this man

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"The Crown of Light" - projections featuring the Lindisfarne Gospels are illuminated upon Durham Cathedral

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Without the use of Photoshop or any digital manipulation, Korean artist JeeYoung Lee spends weeks converting her tiny Seoul studio into some of the most elaborate installations we’ve seen—for the sake of taking a single photograph.

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